The AL and NL pennant winners from 1974-2006 square off in a March Madness style round of 48; the game results are simulated by the WhatIfSports algorithm and are “broadcast” by me -- Josh Lewin.

Each 45-minute podcast begins with a preview hosted by Josh and a celebrity pre-game host; Jon Miller and Mark Grace have confirmed participation; others are on deck. This will be followed by a “scene set” taking the listener back to the years in question (“so take off that Cosby sweater, turn down Achy Breaky Heart and join us.”) An abbreviated play-by-play of the simulated game result follows (with sound effects making it sound like the game is actually being played.) The game will be interrupted in the middle innings by a cameo interview from one of the actual players who appeared on that team.

New podcasts (“games”) drop every Monday for a run of eleven months, mid-February through mid-January. The total of 48 podcasts concludes just before 2021 Spring Training.

The 32 World Series winners were made the 1-8 seeds in each bracket, and assembled in order of regular season winning percentage. The at-large field was seeded 9-12 in each bracket, with a little bit of wiggle room to make sure, for example, three mid90s Braves teams didn’t end up all together.

I simply logged onto WhatIfSports.com, entered the lineups and hit the “simulate outcome” button. Their amazing algorithm spits out the play-by-play and box score. Nothing pre-ordained or pre-determined. I simply broadcast whatever the computer told me happened each game.

Yes, as podcasts for respective games are launched we update the boxscore for that game. Have at it!