The Throwback League is a once a week podcast that’s essentially a March Madness-style tournament played out over 48 weeks. The World Series winners between 1974-2006 all make the tournament; and 16 at large pennant winners too. They’ll square off bracket by bracket -- the game results are simulated by the WhatIfSports algorithm and are “broadcast” by Josh. He’ll take the box score results the computer spits out, go into a studio and do a radio re-creation.

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Baseball is back. Hall of Famers, your favorites and players you haven't thought of for years come to life in a simulated March Madness-style tournament announced by renowned play-by-play voice Josh Lewin. The AL and NL pennant winners from 1974-2005 square off in a March Madness-style round of 48 to decide the Throwback League championship. An advanced computer algorithm produces the results; Josh brings them to life with a lively and descriptive play-by-play, and Legendary Sunday Night Baseball announcer Jon Miller (among others) provides pre-game set-up with players from the teams are interviewed. New games drop every Monday from February 17, 2020 till January 11, 2021.